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LIIDEWAY electric scooter Process


Liideway market personnel analyze and understand the local market, household and personal consumption habits through a large amount of online data and on-site inspections, and then make some improvements to the electric scooter

Idea & Concept

Through different factors such as consumer habits, usage methods, acceptable prices, family composition, and other purchasing methods, liideway aim to improve or innovate our current products and gain a deeper understanding of different needs

Design & Production​

LIIDEWAY have a strong design team that conducts in-depth research and develops products that customers like based on data obtained from the marketing department. Through continuous exploration, sampling, and improvement, 2-3 new products are born every year

Sales & Service​

All of our products are of good quality for one year, and we have our own overseas warehouses in Europe and America. We can quickly assist customers with post sales and sample shipping, testing, and support online videos, images, and battery sales. We also provide free accessories after sales

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Electric scooter Manufacturer

Mainly electric scooters, 10 inch dual motors, dual controllers, high-power, mainly from European and American warehouses, supporting OEM, small orders, and Dropshipping,


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